Tennis Xpress is an ITF Official Programme and is an easy, active and fun coaching programme for adults.

Tennis Xpress is designed as a 6-session course of 12 hours (6 x 2 hours or 12 x 1 hour) and is a specific ‘off-the-shelf’ course that has been developed by the ITF to introduce starter adult players to tennis using the slower balls.

The aim is to help starter adults to serve, rally and score (play the game) from the first session and to ensure that by the end of the course:

- all adults will know the basic techniques, tactics and the Rules of Tennis

- all adults will be able to play competitive points using the Green ball on a full court

For the purpose of this course, adult starter players are defined as those who:

- are complete beginners to tennis i.e. have never played tennis before, or

- who have received basic coaching but have never played the game outside of a coaching environment, or

- beginners returning to tennis after a long absence

Course Contents:

  • Develop a consistent groundstroke rally
  • Develop a serve and return
  • Moving the oponent in  a baseline rally and learning to score
  • Combining different game situations
  • Basic introduction to doubles play
  • Introducing a  basic volley and developing consistency with the volley
  • Sinlgles and doubles competition

Tennis for Kids

Tennis10s is tennis for players aged 10-and-under, played on smaller courts with slower Red, Orange and Green balls. It is a fun way to start tennis and makes it easy for children to play the game, develop good technique and tactics and a love for the sport.

Using the slower balls helps players to develop the most efficient technique and to be able to implement advanced tactics that in most cases could not be performed using the Yellow ball on the full court.

Tennis10s is part of the ITF’s Tennis Play and Stay campaign. There are three stages of Tennis10s that allow players to start at the suitable level for their ability - Red (Stage 3), Orange (Stage 2) and Green (Stage 1).

As the player develops and they develop their technical and tactical competences, they will progress from stage to stage. The following table details the three stages of Tennis10s:

Tennis Racket Size  Guide

Single or Group Lessons for Intermediate and Advanced Players

  • Improving Groundstroke and learning to use extreme grips forehand and backhand
  • Developing and improving net approach and net play
  • Improved foot work
  • Improved Serve
  • Game tactics
  • Improved Volleys
  • Video Analysis

We offer private tennis lessons for individuals, group lessons (minimum participants of 2 players) or training for kids.

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